» About us

I have always liked to surround myself with animals because their presence, relations and created bonds made me feel magnificent. I have always been a cat and a dog lover, despite the fact that dogs have been my companions more often. However, my view about cats changed when I was at a cat show and there I saw Main Coons for the very first time. I was simply astonished by how majestic they are and how great they look.

The first representative of the Main Coon breed came to live with us in 2013. By living with it we could learn its character, talkativeness and this wonderful general attitude which is only characteristic of Main Coons. The whole family fell more and more in love with this breed. We wanted Main Coons to take part in our everyday’s life just like dogs do, thanks to their way of being and the need of having the contact with humans.

And so, after much thinking, the Dragoness*PL was born a family, home cattery of cats, which originate from North America, was started by a blue kitten called Elis, which came from a cattery from Wroclaw. After long search Nikita and Niagara from Nice Coon*PL cattery joined the family, thus fulfilling our dream of owning a red Main Coon. I would like to thank Monika and Darek for these treasures, for the love and the time they dedicated to me and for the answers to the million questions that I have asked them.

I would also like to thank my husband for being so understanding and patient, along with giving me the best support every day.

Our cattery is a home in which we live and the cats are full members of it, making our daily routines just a little more special. We love them and we try our best to give them the needed care. Our home is their home and they, step by step, are becoming its visible soul…

Kamila Skrzydlak-Kulesza