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23 lut 2020
First cat show in 2020

International Cat Show in Warsaw – EKKR Club
next succcesses of El Niño at the first show in 2020

22.02.2020 judge Eric Rejers, CZ
result Ex 1, CACS, NOM, BIS, BIC, Best Of Best 1

23.02.2020 judge Cristiano F. Sandon, IT
result Ex 1, CACS, NOM, BIS, BIC, Best Of Best 1




IMG_20200223_164917 IMG_20200222_180244

IMG_20200222_180510 IMG_20200222_115813 IMG_20200222_175947

5 sty 2020
Pytanie na Śniadanie TVP2

I invite you to El Niño Show  😀

1 gru 2019
Purina ProPlan Grand Prix in Kiev, Ukraine 2019

With great pride and pleasure I would like to present the results of El Niño at the prestigious Grand Prix Purina ProPlan show in Kiev Multisystem

The honorable title of Best Of Best 3 in such a large competition – a total of over 1,200 cats from 3 federations – and the two-time title of Best Adult FIFe Cat are reasons to be proud.

30.11.2019 judge: Laura Scholten, NL
results: Ex1, CACS, BIV, NOM, Best female in cat. 2, Best Adult FIFe Cat
01.12.2019 judge: Sabine Mösch, CH
results: Ex1, CACS, BIV, NOM, Best female in cat. 2, Best Adult FIFe Cat and

Best Of Best 3 Multisystem FIFe-WCF-CFA!!!

FB_IMG_1575360796651 FB_IMG_1575360833627 FB_IMG_1575360867137 IMG_20191203_100549_353

FB_IMG_1575360923613 FB_IMG_1575360987806 FB_IMG_1575361027891 FB_IMG_1575371528160 FB_IMG_1575374994995 FB_IMG_1575375116870 FB_IMG_1575405636401 FB_IMG_1575447466764 FB_IMG_1575447472599 FB_IMG_1575447487216 FB_IMG_1575447499263 FB_IMG_1575447537532 FB_IMG_1575447582345 FB_IMG_1575447590353 FB_IMG_1575447625790 FB_IMG_1575447632665 FB_IMG_1575447661924 FB_IMG_1575490897363 FB_IMG_1575479591927 FB_IMG_1575489840951 FB_IMG_1575490027478 FB_IMG_1575490442849 FB_IMG_1575492231293 IMG_20191130_110428 IMG_20191130_120444 IMG_20191203_100549_352 IMG_20191203_100549_356  IMG_20191201_183705 IMG_20191203_100549_382 IMG_20191203_100549_383 IMG_20191205_091129_061

24 lis 2019
El Niño as a special guest of the show in Konin

A wonderful show organized in Konin by Felis Posnania. As usual, El Niño did her best, enjoying herself during the exhibition.

23.11.2019 judge Magdalena Kudra, PL

results: Ex 1, CAGCIB, NOM, BIS and Best Of Best Adult 1
and ended Grand International Champion title

24.11.2019 judge Michael Edstrom, SE

results: Ex 1, CACS, NOM, BIS, BIC and Best Of Best

IMG_20191124_104020 IMG_20191124_104708 IMG_20191123_174344     IMG_20191124_104053  IMG_20191123_130437 _MG_9807 received_1173939146330127

I would like to thank the organizers of the show for inviting us and honoring El Niño with a special prize for winning the World Winner 2019 title – a great souvenir – thank you!


The star was born…






19 lis 2019
El Niño on Dzień Dobry TVN program

Thank you to the editors of Dzień Dobry TVN program for the invitation and a nice morning.

17 lis 2019
Łódź 16-17.11.2019

WW’19 IC El Niño of Dragoness*PL, JW she did well at the show in Łódź.

16.11.2019 judge  Britta Busse, DE

results: Ex 1, CAGCIB, BIV, NOM, BIS and Best Of Best 

17.11.2019 judge Irek Pruchniak, PL

results: Ex 1, CAGCIB, BIV, NOM, BIS

IMG_20191125_194312_661 received_1223752811145140   IMG_20191117_164823  FB_IMG_1574622927692 

27 paź 2019
World Show in Freiburg’19

26-27.10.2019  When dreams come true…


judge: Jorgen Billing, DK result: Ex 1, CAGCIB, BIV, NOM, BIS, WW’19

 El Niño  my dragon’s child, my pride, my treasure at the World Show in Freiburg Germany:

IMG_20191031_202351_499  IMG_20191031_202351_501 IMG_20191031_202351_512  IMG_20191031_202351_514FB_IMG_1572431669358

FB_IMG_1572192787849  FB_IMG_1572377319968 FB_IMG_1572377973908  FB_IMG_1572377976511   FB_IMG_1572431677108   FB_IMG_1572377945876FB_IMG_1572377513507  FB_IMG_1572850430191

IMG_20191028_202209 FB_IMG_1572192790795       received_1560685660741415  received_693584867819729  received_683560998801721  received_528607801272393

20 paź 2019
Cat Show in Rumia

Once again El Niño wins in beautiful style:

19.10.2019 judge: Jurgita Gustaitiene, LT result: Ex 1, CAGCIB, BIV, NOM, BIS, Best Of Best 1

20.10.2019 judge: Marek Chadaj , PL result: Ex 1, CAGCIB, BIV, NOM, BIS, Best Of Best 1

cof   FB_IMG_1572948288778   FB_IMG_1572948278938

IMG_20191019_173150   oznorCB   cof

13 paź 2019
Cat Show in Bialystok

Great results El Niño during International Cat Show in Bialystok:

12.10.2019 judge: Dorota Szadurska, PL results: Ex 1, CAGCIB, NOM BIS, BIS, BIC, Best Of Best 1

13.10.2019 judge: Marta Ziemiańska, NO results: Ex1, CAGCIB, NOM BIS, BIS, BIC, Best Of Best 3

dav  IMG_20191013_122731 IMG_20191013_133350

IMG_20191013_134141  FB_IMG_1572948198956


6 paź 2019
Cat Show in Kaunas

El Niño during International Cat Show in Kaunas gets the Inter Champion title

05.06.2019 judge: Marina Vinkel, EE results: CACIB, BIV, NOM BIS, Best in Show

06.06.2019 judge: Charles Spijker, NL results: CACIB, BIV, NOM BIS

IMG_20191005_130026    IMG_20191005_125639    IMG_20191005_120922 FB_IMG_1572948229642 FB_IMG_1572948223582 FB_IMG_1572948169379